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Experience our high technological capabilities available in the Japan Academy of medical and chiropractic included hospital-!



2015年1月12日 : Service to the guests who visit
Authentic, the clinic offers services to persons5 times in the last 2 monthsPlease come Academy we extend far enough (usually 1000 yen) we are happy!

So on as your body maintenance received treatment at ideal intervals and number of extension is very effective!

I scheduled a come as you will find in the Academy schedule, please try getting this service!
2015年1月11日 : Introducing service underway!
Government patronage, thank you.

For your family and friends to physically upset, no problems? We introduce authentic chiropractic is about family and friends and then you better be close, will extend far enough (usually 1000 yen) is served!

In whole-body chiropractic clinic, you alone will improve how many malfunction!
2015January 2, 2010 : About authentic chiropractic treatment - 2
About authentic chiropractic treatment It is a continuation of the from.

Hospital treatment is aimed at improvement of blood flow due to whole body health and healing by improving. Most painful, (complaining), but even in the shoulder even from toes for the first time in the whole body all over treatment put (By Change of clothes We ask) .

Is the difference between the No. 1 and the massage techniques rather than the muscle approach * to the joint is thrown by pushing or pulling. Can also adjust the muscular and skeletal fundamentally improves the pain of the body balance.

* On the treatment of hospital joint range of motion, larger than - So-called steriods are bad, the masseuse - There is no technique. Hard bodies, soft, worried about him somewhere, people are tired. Please consult your doctor, will continue treatment according to each patient's body, so please feel free!
2015年1月1日 : About authentic chiropractic treatment
Authentic chiropractic treatment thrust tuina (suina) China based on to Japanese in 60 minutes body all over, and your spicy is like no other, has been developed to meet intensively, one's own skills.

So is very"Shoulders and hips."And so on, apart any more than 2 such as prolonged treatment time recommended the. Further enhance the treatment effect science course available.
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Staff's all Japan medical health college graduates (of persons chosen from among), we provide techniques and concepts are consistent, and sense of security. Commitment to safety and peace of mind "Since medical accidents." It is also exaggeration and propaganda.

Symptoms did not improve, other problems! "Real faction system chiropractic clinic Chiropractic School is operated" To the authentic, the clinic!

And if, to pick up their skills "A therapist who can contribute to society" To be accepted from time to time the enrollment in the Japan health chiropractic Academy of chiropractic schools, feel free, or for current Crusher that you can't have confidence in today's technology, so please feel free to contact!
Japan medical health Collegehttp://www.nisg.jp/
2014In January 6th. : (Returning to) advance reservation recommended]
Authentic clinic, as you know, since much "Peace of mind from a medical record, safety practitioner" On the holding. The movement on the hospital side of when you make a reservation.

. Your name and registration number and ask for medical records
2. Selecting the staff seems best suited for their patients, and verify the contents of the medical records
3. Depending on if you adjust the start time to patients, and then adjust the schedule to determine

Do you like. So in no reservations please come Hospital (hospital in "Dive" Is called), especially the 2 above is lost. In short, "Staff are available at the time the corresponding" And the thing.

Even if we see anyone better from all good"of course good, butNomination Not to miss out on entering the practitioner fits the body is a little things of MOTTAINAI is what not?(Priority appointment booking so item 2 above priority is second)

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Please let us know by telephone.