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Experience our high technological capabilities available in the Japan Academy of medical and chiropractic included hospital-!

About authentic chiropractic treatment –

About authentic chiropractic treatment It is a continuation of the from.

Hospital treatment is aimed at improvement of blood flow due to whole body health and healing by improving. Most painful, (complaining), but even in the shoulder even from toes for the first time in the whole body all over treatment put (By Change of clothes We ask) .

Is the difference between the No. 1 and the massage techniques rather than the muscle approach * to the joint is thrown by pushing or pulling. Can also adjust the muscular and skeletal fundamentally improves the pain of the body balance.

* On the treatment of hospital joint range of motion, larger than – So-called steriods are bad, the masseuse – There is no technique. Hard bodies, soft, worried about him somewhere, people are tired. Please consult your doctor, will continue treatment according to each patient's body, so please feel free!